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If you think that content available on the TheUsaCabletv.com Corporation website (“Web Site”) infringes one or more copyrights, please notify TheUsaCabletv.com‘s copyright agent immediately by mail, email or fax (“Notice”). Information described below. a replica of your notice are going to be sent to the author for the notice.

In accordance with Section 512(f) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you’ll be responsible for damages if you misrepresent material during a notice. If an internet site infringes your copyright, you ought to first consult an attorney.

All notifications should include:

  • Real or electronic signature of an individual entrusted with the prerogative to face allegations of infringement on behalf of the employer.


  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) may be a U.S. copyright law that enforces penalties for infringement of copyright on the web . it is best to submit a DMCA removal notice if someone has stolen your original content.


  • If the web site owner refuses to get rid of your copyrighted content after requesting it, you want to provide a politician DMCA removal notice to your domain’s hosting provider.


  • You can determine who your domain web host provider is by asking about the domain and therefore the IP addresses addressed by that domain. Registrars aren’t always hosting providers, so check your name server and IP address to form sure you’re connecting to the right host.


  • The letter below are going to be used as a template for your DMCA declaration. We recommend sending this notification by fax, regular mail and email.


  • Identification of a piece imagined to infringe copyright or, if multiple works on an equivalent online site are included during a single notice, a representative list of these works thereon site.


Appropriate information to spot material identified as infringing or associated with infringing activity and to enable access and repair providers to get rid of or discontinue it Determine the fabric .

Appropriate information to contact the complaining party, like the address, phone number , and email address, if possible, from which the service provider can contact the complaining party.

If you’re the copyright holder, you’ve got the proper to act on behalf of others or to act in accordance together with your exclusive rights under copyright. Create a DMCA notice of alleged infringement of copyright and report alleged infringement of copyright on or through the location . Designated as Infotech’s copyright agent.

Infotech doesn’t condone or tolerate infringement of property rights or infringement of copyright by Infotech or others. Infotech reserves the proper to exercise the access and/or rights of anyone identified as a’repeated infringer’ of Infotech or the other copyright. Infotech reserves the proper to define the standards that Infotech determines as individual’repeated violations’.

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